Many seem to take up the notion that feathers are only for traditionalist archers and decorative arrows, but not up to the task of modern hunting and competition with compound bows, you might be surprised to learn that there is a “high-tech” feather fletching available that might be just what you need to stabilize those back-heavy arrows that wag back and forth more than a Jack Terrier’s tail!

Known as the First Modern Feather for Modern Bowhunters, Gateway Feathers cuts Rayzrs from a special section of feather allowing for an extra light, “whisper quiet” and precise flight path.

We asked one of our top sponsored archers, Jason Cook, why does he choose to compete using Rayzrs from Gateway Feathers instead of the plastic vanes used by most of his competitors? Jason earned numerous podiums throughout the 2021 IBO tournaments, including first place in the IBO World Championship. And the champ responded:

“The main reason I chose Rayzrs the past three years is the simple fact of weight. I picked up a set of black eagle PS23’s from a buddy of mine and they were fletched with a very popular vane that you commonly see on the 3D range these days. I just couldn’t get them to tune the way I wanted with the point weight I desired to shoot so I needed to cut weight from the rear of the arrow. I thought… heck, why not fletch with a light feather and see what it does and I was pleasantly surprised as they flew like lawn darts. Everyone knows that FOC [% of weight front-of-center] is key in successful arrow flight and the easiest way to achieve that was to cut back weight and I was able to cut nearly 20 grains off the nock end of my arrow by going from 3 vanes to a 3 fletch Rayzrs which allowed me to lighten total arrow weight, increase bow speed while maintaining accuracy and not having to change my entire setup. I’m very very pleased with them and don’t see myself changing anytime soon.” -Jason Cook