3 1/2″ Right Wing Batwing Solid

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3 1/2″ Right Wing Batwing Shape. This is the First Feather for Fast Fun and Cool Arrows! This feather is 3 1/2″ long and averages 14 mm tall at its highest point. It will average a mere 2.4 grains in weight and can be used by target archers to increase arrow spin and bowhunters using traditional equipment who want more arrow control and arrow spin. This feather can be used on all types of arrow shaft materials. Is best glued to the arrow with G1 Glue and can be used by either a right handed or left handed archer.

Additional information

Feather Count

12, 50, 100, 1000

Wing Direction

Right Wing

Solid Colors

Pink, Red, Tangerine, Orange, Yellow, Fluorescent Yellow, Lemon Lime, Chartreuse, Green, Blue, Denim, Purple, Black, Gray, White, Brown

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