Hann-Bun Kuro

History is behind the Hann~Bun Kuro feather.

Japanese bowmen have practiced the sport of archery for thousands of years. Their particular style of archery is called Kyudo.

Hann~Bun is Japanese for HALF and Kuro is Japanese for Black. Put together Hann~Bun Kuro means Half Black! Which is exactly what this style of feathers are, one half black. Color is the only difference between this feather and our other feathers.

Gateway Feathers has produced this style of feather for the Japanese market for many years. Kyudo archers use primarily white and black feathers but because they make such beautiful arrows we have added all of our solid colors to this style of feather.

This style of feather is available in 3”, 4”, 5” and full lengths. In both right and left wing, parabolic and shield cuts.

Go ahead… make some arrows to be proud of today!

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