Gateway Feathers is the World Leader in the manufacture and distribution of quality archery feathers.
We have been processing feathers for over 50 years. Our complete processes include washing, dying, drying, grinding the quills, die cutting, quality control and packaging. Gateway products are made from feathers hand selected in the United States.
All of our dye materials and packaging products are purchased in the United States and are certified environmentally safe. We then ship all of these products to our factory in Mexico to complete our manufacturing process. This is done to hold down the cost of feather processing, a savings which is passed on to the consumer.

As you view our products, notice the wide range of colors, sizes and shapes to meet your every need.
The feathers we use come from Turkeys raised here in the United States, primarily from the Mid Atlantic and Southern States.

Competitive Advantage

The advantages of natural feathers over plastic vanes are numerous:

  • Feathers will give greater arrow control and guidance.
  • Feathers will make bow tuning easier and less critical.
  • Feathers will increase your arrow speeds giving flatter trajectories.
  • Feathers will increase the usable spine range of arrows.
  • Feathers will decrease chances of brush deflection.
  • Feathers are up to 500% lighter than plastic.

Customer Benefits

  • Very tight quill tolerances provide excellent quality.
  • We have taken the lead in affordable prices for feathers.
  • We offer 12, 50, 100 & 1000 count packaging with no minimums to order.
  • Unequaled Color… no one can match our colors.
  • With ten different sizes and five shapes you get a superior selection.
  • Our office staff is experienced in both target archery and hunting.