Like most archers we know the standard choices for fletching are Parabolic / Roundback, Shield / Shieldback and Rayzr These shapes have dominated the archery industry for years! Our social media followers yearned for something NEW. A shape with purpose, style and pizazz! Well, here it is…

The Batwing shape was designed for target archers who wanted more spin from their arrows. When you fletch a Batwing with a helical twist this shape can provide up to 30% more spin than a regular shaped fletching.

  • Why would you want more spin? Think of a rifled bullet versus a slug. The rifled bullet is much more accurate.
  • You can use big, fat, line cutting arrows and still get your fletching’s to spin the arrow even at an indoor 20-yard shot.
  • Three sizes all for different arrow / bow setups. 2” Batwings for thin arrows and outdoor shooting. 3 ½” and 4 ½” for larger diameter arrows.

Yes, the Batwing can and should be used for hunting. The Batwing will fly fixed blade or mechanical broadheads from a tuned bow.

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