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Who we are

Hello and thank you for taking the time to learn more about Gateway Feathers and our archery products. We want to prove to you that the feather you are putting on your arrow is the very best feather to use to guide your arrow to it’s intended target. To see in-depth videos on the topics listed below and others please visit our YouTube Channel.

Why choose Gateway Feather’s feathers?


Employees follow specific handling procedures throughout all processing ensuring the product you receive is the very best. Every feather we use is gathered from USDA inspected turkey processing plants in the USA.


Our processes have been CERTIFIED by Veterinarians and Government officials to ensure the feathers we ship are clean and sanitized. Allowing us to ship our products around the World through the European based TRAde Control and Expert System – TRACES System.


We are innovators. We LOVE what we do. We are continuously bringing new exciting colors and designs to market. Many are EXCLUSIVE to Gateway Feathers and our PRINTZ line.


Every feather has a base ground to a specific size. We create a Sweet Spot which is not too thin and not too thick – this Sweet Spot, when building arrows, is not so thin that the feather is already bent coming out of the package or the glue you use runs all over the fletching clamp. The Quill’s Sweet Spot cannot be too thick either, too thick and the feathers take a long time to glue to the arrow shaft or won’t stay glued down. Gateway’s feathers are cut in the Sweet Spot.


Gateway Feathers has been in the archery business since 1956. We have been providing Quality feather fletching for many years. Building relationships with dye companies, figuring out the Sweet Spot in quill grinding, being an innovating company and fine tuning processes to ensure the products we make are accepted around the World does not happen overnight!

Why choose feather fletching?

  • Feathers are lighter than plastic yet steer an arrow better. Specific feather sizes can be found here: Nitty Gritty.
  • Feathers grip the air and help “forgive” small release mistakes made under pressure.
  • Feather will increase the FOC or Forward Of Center balance point for your arrow. This makes your arrow MORE stable.
  • Feathers do not become overly stiff in cold temperatures or really soft in hot temperatures.
  • Feathers bend out of the way if your arrow contacts foreign objects in flight.

What size fletching should you use?

  • Indoor target– Largest fletching that will clear all cables and rests.
  • Outdoor target– Smallest fletching to keep wind drift to a minimum. (Rayzr comes to mind!)
  • New Archers– If you’re learning archery for the first time there will be days when your form will be off – use bigger feathers to control the arrows flight until your form stays consistent.
  • Hunting– depends on what you are hunting and using as equipment. Think small outside always. A longbow user hunting pigs wants an arrow that straightens out quickly because they are hunting in thick brush at close range – use a big feather fletching. A longbow user hunting antelope in the wide-open plains will want to use a thin arrow shaft and small feather to keep wind drift and arrow drag to a minimum. The compound user is at an advantage so using a small feather fletching like the 2” Rayzr is advised.

Easy to Apply Fletching Instructions

Our easy to apply fletching instructions includes info on the best glue for feathers – G1 Glue, recommended jigs and clamps and whether or not to fletch helical or straight. You CAN build an arrow with feathers FAST. Please visit our YouTube page for specific instructions.

Use in any weather

Shoot in cold weather, hot weather, rain, snow and wind. Grab a bottle of waterproofing powder and we’ll show you how to shoot under Niagara Falls if you’re so inclined. Our YouTube channel has specific instructions on how to CORRECTLY apply Gateway’s waterproofing powder.