A Close-Up on Our Feathers

See our feathers in greater detail with our high-res image samples!


The most popular feather shape in the US is the Parabolic / Round Back. This lower profile shape provides dependable, fast and accurate results.


The Shield / Shield Back provides a higher profile for increased stability, forgiveness and “Traditional” looking appeal.


The Magnum / Banana Cut is even more feather for arrows tipped with larger / heavier broadheads.

Cut Section

The Cut Section / Full Length are made for Archers to design their own shapes and sizes using a feather burner or chopper.


The Rayzr is a 2″ feather made with Whisper Quiet Technology. The shape is altered by increasing the angle on the back of the feather and cutting the Rayzr from a specific location in the full length feather making it the “First Modern Feather for Modern Bowhunters”.

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