Welcome to Gateway Feathers

We are prepared to ship most retail orders for all of our feather products, as well as personal custom orders, within 1-2 weeks of the order being placed. We build everything to order, and generally don’t carry inventories of finished product. Large business orders, whether catalog or custom items, can currently ship in 2-3 weeks.

To get Gateway Feathers faster, we encourage ordering through one of our many dealers/partners in the USA including Lancaster, Kinsey’s, Rose City and 3 Rivers, or from our friends in continental Europe like Bignami, SSA, Black Flash, or In-Range and Merlin in the UK. See if your local archery shop carries Gateway Feathers, and if not, please request that they do!  You may also call 520 805 0863 to place a phone order and inquire which colors of your preferred cut/length we have on-hand, ready to ship right away!

We have been making premium feather fletching for over 60 years. Our complete processes include washing, dying, drying, grinding the quills, die cutting, quality control and packaging. Gateway products are made from the most select turkey feathers sourced in the United States.

All of our dye materials and packaging products are purchased in the United States and are certified environmentally safe. We then ship all of these products to our factory in Mexico to complete our manufacturing process. This is done to hold down the cost of feather processing, a savings which is passed on to the consumer.

As you view our products, notice the wide range of colors, sizes and shapes to meet your every need. Ask us about our Printz and other custom feather work. We can print or make any feather design you can imagine- for your club, family, company, or just for you!