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Confidence in your equipment will boost your self confidence and keep you shooting well.

#Scrape off  the plastic and join #GatewayFeathers!

Because you’re outside in all weather conditions, feathers are the best choice to guide your arrows. Heat won’t make Feathers Soft, Cold won’t make your Feathers Hard, and rain is repelled with our Waterproofing Powder. We’ve all seen birds fly in the rain, right?

Choose the smallest fletching which gives you good broadhead flight.

SizeAvailable ShapesShapes 
2"RayzrR/W + L/W
3"ShieldR/W + L/W
3"ParabolicR/W + L/W
3 1/2"BatwingR/W
4"ShieldR/W + L/W
4"ParabolicR/W + L/W
7 August, 2017 by dannyrg, in Hunting