We have been processing feathers for over 50 years. Our complete processes include washing, dying, drying, grinding the quills, die cutting, quality control and packaging. Gateway products are made from feathers hand selected in the United States.

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At Gateway Feathers we provide you with:

Top quality

Top quality archery feathers for arrow fletching at excellent prices from Gateway Feathers.

The Nitty Gritty of Feathers

The Nitty Gritty about archery feathers, arrow fletching and arrow making.

Answers to your arrow

Answers to your arrow building questions in GatewayFeathers FAQ.

Target Archers & Bowhunters

Target Archers & Bowhunters will find what they want for arrow fletching with our selection of 5 Feather Shapes, in 10 Sizes and 33 Colors. Patriot Colors, Camo Colors, Solid Colors, Barred Colors & Arrow Making Accessories.

Products like the 2" Rayzr

Rayzr is a modern feather for modern archers. This brand new broadhead feather is made withWhisper Quiet Technology "Hear the Rayzr in flight!"Patriot Colors are EXCLUSIVE to Gateway Feathers and are 3 colors on one feather.  You don't need to learn how to splice feathers!

  • The other night at indoor archery leagues someone wanted to know why I use feathers rather than plastic. I have been using Gateway Feathers for many years and I can't see myself ever going to plastic, or another brand of feathers. I have won about 30 state championships, a couple of sectionals and last spring I won the NFAA unmarked 3-D championship. I have taken a number of trophy animals, including elk, bear, hog, caribou, whitetail, antelope and mule deer, all using Gateway Feathers. You make an excellent product. Keep up the good work and I look forward to using your feathers for many years to come!...

    - M.M., Upton, Wyoming

  • I am K.V., and I shoot Gateway Feathers on my arrows. I like feather fletchings because I trust them to guide my broadheads in any condition and they dont't fall off like the plastic vanes. Feathers are a portion of my equipment I have always used, know well and will not change!...

    - K.V.,

  • I've been using Gateway Feathers for years and I always receive first class die cut feathers that are consistent in the quill grind, length and color. The oil content allows me to hunt in all types of weather. Best of all Gateway feathers help me achieve beautiful true flying arrows. Thanks for quality products!

    - L.D., Jones, Marcola, OR

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